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Voice-Activated Technology

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Voice-activated technology may make some everyday tasks easier for seniors and those with disabilities

Voice-activated technology has seen a boon in product development over the last few years making everyday tasks easier for all of us including seniors and disabled people who want to remain living in their home for as long as possible.

A question asked by people wanting to add this technology to their home is what is the ongoing cost?

One thing to consider is an internet connection. This is a monthly cost that is usually tied to the cable bill and may be expensive. However, not all smart home technologies will require a connection to the internet. Do your research to see what you can and can’t do with the particular technology you want to add to your home. The technology may work in a basic setup without the internet connection, but most likely will not have the same robust features available without the internet connect. Here is an interesting article on the subject

A smart home with voice-activated technology will need a smart hub the devices may connect to. Think of Amazon Alexa, Google Assistance or Apple HomeLink. Each hub has something to offer and voice-activated options may be added to the hub such as the following:

· Door Locks

· Lighting

· Thermostats

· Water Faucets

· Drape or Blind Opening and Closing

· Television

Voice-activated technology is a reality now and offers options to assist those wishing to age in place. These are just a few suggestions of the many options available.

If you want to discuss aging in place and home modifications which can be incorporated into your home, please contact Nic at or by calling him at 865-637-1735.

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