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What an exciting time for those who wish to age-in-place!

In order to stay on top of trends and to keep up-to-date with the best solutions for our aging in place customers, I am attending a conference this week called the Heartland Conference taking place in Waterloo, Iowa #vgmheartland.

I am learning about some of the newest home modification possibilities for anyone wishing to remain in their current home which in its current state may not be conducive to long-term living. There are also options that have stood the test of time and will continue to be important to the customer looking to increase safety in their home. Stair lifts, ceiling lifts and ramps are some of the steadfast go-to modifications which can be a tremendous help in a home. If you have had knee or hip surgery, you know getting up and down stairs can be difficult, if not impossible. Maybe you need a ramp for the short-term. Did you know you can rent ramps? This might be the perfect solution for you.

I listened to one of the main presenters discuss how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already at work in many applications. While it may seem too far fetched and "Star Trekkie" for many people, the implications in how it may make lives easier is fascinating.

I came away amazed at all of the unique and fantastic options that are here now or are coming soon. I have written before about interesting technologies that were showcased at the CES conference.

Smart homes may ease the burden of not having someone at home with an older parent or grandparent. There are sensors that can be placed in strategic locations throughout a home to detect movements or lack thereof and can alert a caregiver or family member that something may be amiss at their loved one's home.

Amazon or Google are working towards being part of that smart home system. Moen has the U Smart Shower system which works with Amazon Alexa. It is a voice activated system where a person can verbally tell Alexa to turn on the water and set the temperature. This could be a game-changer for someone sensitive to bathing temperatures or may have difficulty turning a water faucet on or off. Other manufacturers will follow with their specialized products which only enhances the opportunities to ease living conditions in a home as we age in place.

Grab bars have come a long way. Many stylish options are available and some are even portable poles that can be placed where needed in the home and have accessories like a tray table that swivels which make it very versatile.

Call me to find out how you can plan for a future in your current home. The future is exciting!

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