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Is your home functional for the next stage of your life?

An article by Sherri Snelling on Stria stated, “While boomers are the generation that created consumerism, their purchasing habits and how they shop have changed. Today’s 50+ consumer—a blend of boomers and the oldest of the Gen X demographic—is spending money on health and wellness, but they are also investing in experiences, relationships and creating a functional home environment for the next potential 30-40 years of life

The last part of the sentence caught my eye since this is why Knoxville Aging in Place was created. We help boomers and their families create a functional home environment so older adults can age in place happily and safely.

It all starts with a plan and looking at your future. Do you have a minor disability or health prognosis that may progress over the next few months or few years? While your home may function just fine now, what about your future? There are a myriad of choices when it comes to preparing your home to live in over the next several years. For example, grab bars are one of the smartest investments you can make now and they don’t cost a lot of money, but could potentially save you thousands if they prevent a fall while getting out of the shower. There are grab bars that do double duty serving as a towel rack and also as a grab bar. For the discriminating homeowner who wants to disguise a grab bar, this may be a wonderful solution in your home. You may find that everyone is thankful for that grab bar in the bathroom!

What about stairs in your home? Do you foresee a knee or hip replacement in your future because you have been a runner or played tennis (or some other sport) for many years? If you could come home quickly from this type of surgery instead of a long convalescence in a rehabilitation facility, what would you want to do? Having stairs at home with no way to navigate them after a major surgery will often keep a patient from coming home which is where most folks want to be.

It is not just you who has to adjust to a new way of living. Often family members are involved in the recovery process and have to alter their schedules. The stress can be overwhelming when an adult child is trying to navigate being there for their parent while also juggling a full-time job. Having a functional home can be a game changer for the whole family.

Call today to get started on your plan. You will be amazed at the choices available. If you are one of those boomers who likes great customer service and the interaction you get when dealing with a salesperson, we understand and can address your questions either on the phone or with an in home assessment. Having a plan is a great place to begin creating a functional home for the future!

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